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Access CMS

Access CMS is a Content Management System for create, edit and view html content in a web site.

Developed with ASP.net 2.0 and using a MS Access file as a database, this CMS is easy to use, modify and can be deployed in any ASP.net hosting service, without any restriction.

I decided to use Access instead of MS SQL Express because there are restrictions to use it in the ASP.net hosters.

If you are interested in this software click for download it:
-Visual Studio 2005 Project file.
-How to guide.
For questions: rafaelc@rafaelc.net

You can view other CMS systems here:Content Management Directory

Screen shots:

Logon for edit

You use your user and password to access as an administrator of your site.

Page list

You can view all your created pages, create new, edit or delete them.

Edit mode

In edit mode you have a HTML editor fot create your content, and a preview panel.